There is ALWAYS A Godly Solution

God has graciously given us His Word and His Son to show us how to THINK and LIVE Dynamically and Victoriously! When we do this, we will have God's solution in all we do.

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About Heidi Mize

Hey you! I'm so glad you've stopped by. 🥰

Thanks for deciding to hang with me a bit in your day!

I'm a Jesus lovin', Word of God believer, THE OFFICE addict, Spartan Race newb, Ragdoll Cat lover, road trip lovin, workout and clean eating wife and mama of 5.

I'm all about loving on others with the LOVE of GOD. I love to do deep dives in the Bible and get right to the chewy center of God's Heart on all topics of life and living.

God has given everything to be successful in life. He's given us His Son, His Word and Freewill to choose our thoughts. We get to decide what to think about and what to talk about. ❤️


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